#swpalmy Wins Hashtag Battle!


It was #swpalmy vs. #ashevillesw in Hashtag Battle, a website competition born from a friendly competition between two Startup Weekends held the same day in Sophia-Antipolis (France) and Lauzanne (Switzerland).  The whole idea was to figure out which Startup Weekend received more tweets!

Our battle began on Friday, NZ time, ending on Monday morning, NZ time, since the other Startup Weekend we were battling was in North Carolina, USA.

We were a hot topic all weekend long – from funny one liners to tweets all about the ideas pitched and how the final presentations were going!

In the end, Palmerston North reigned supreme – garnering almost 50 more tweets than Asheville, North Carolina!

So, not only did we “trend” on Twitter Sunday night, we also threw a knockout blow (in a friendly kind of way) to our competitors state-side.

Way to go #swpalmy.