And the winners is…


How time flies.  After a long, grueling 54 hours, we have our winner of the first ever Startup Weekend in Palmerston North.

With 10 teams presenting to our All-Star judging panel, made up of Dean Tilyard, Tracy Thompson, Russell Brebner, Ruth McDavitt and Suse Reynolds, our Sunday night event was spectacular.

The judging criteria was based on 4 areas; Customer Validation, Business Model, Execution and Team.  Points were given in each area and the team with the most points won.  Usually, there is a definite split between the top and bottom teams but at Startup Weekend Palmerston North, the highest split was very close, with the highest rated team gaining 45 points and the lowest 36.

Without further adieu, the Supreme Winner of Startup Weekend Palmerston North is…



Supreme Award Winner
What’s 4 Lunch

This app gets children helping with food preparation while providing videos and photos about the food they are preparing!  It’s designed to help parents create menu items so their kids can not only help make the meals but eat healthy as well!


2nd Prize & Mix & Mash Open Data App Prize


Honourable Mention
Little Helper Books

Keep an eye on the website for more information soon!