Sunday morning update – teams at the weekend


Quotes of the day:
“It’s been a long day” – heard at 9.30am
“Did you get some sleep?” “Yep, but I feel like I am walking on my eyeballs!”

So after another breakfast of kings, where are the teams at in the final stretch before presentations in front of the judges tonight, where one of them will walk away with the grand prize.

Ten teams but only one can win.

Developing cutting edge Admin outsourcing for small kiwi businesses.

Building an app that is integrated into social media that will enable sharing of travel destinations to improve personal safety. Follow on Twitter

An app which is one place to collect media in an easy way on the net. Follow on Twitter

Little Helper Books
Create personalised stories (books, games, apps, ebooks) to help your child deal with difficult situations. A great parenting tool for dealing with issues all children face. Follow on Twitter

Local Secrets
To provide a single data source making travel interest points more visible through the nation.

My DNA Coach
Virtual coach to lose weight and increase fitness.

Nespec (Stratadrive)
Socialising Digital Storage

Reputation management tool.  

What’s 4 lunch?
We make mealtimes enjoyable by involving kids in the preparation of food using a mobile app and website. Follow on Twitter
Discover | Connect | Share. Facilitating the searching and matching of artwork wants with local/emerging artists for discovery, conversation and/or purchase. Features include tag searching, QR codes and geo-tagging. Follow on Twitter.

Which of these ideas would you like to see continue on after the weekend is over?